About Nick

My career began in the summers of 1973, 74 & 75.  During that time I was living in Studio City attending Notre Dame High School.  Every summer I would go to Orange County and spend much of the summer with my Grandparents who lived in Laguna Beach.  I loved diving, surfing, windsurfing & fishing, and did these sports up and down the coast of California.   I found a job at Dyno Surf Shop in Huntington Beach.  This job paved the way for my love of the surf and sportswear industry.  While at Dyno Surf Shop I was fortunate enough to work along side surf legends such as David Nuuhewa and Corky Carroll.  I can’t even describe the fun, endless summers we had.  However, fall would come & it was time to get back to school.  After graduating from Notre Dame I enrolled in Pierce College.  I had now fallen in love with skiing and was downhill ski racing when I could fit it into my school schedule.  One of my ski race adventures led to my enrollment into the College of Idaho.  While there, to make ends meet, I found a job as a waiter.  While working in the restaurant industry I learned the important skill of comfortably conversing with people I didn’t know.  After a year in Idaho I was craving some warmth & sunshine.  I briefly moved to Hawaii.  I was able to get a job at Lahaina Dive Shop in Maui.  I did retail sales selling dive equipment and dive charters.  Following my heart, I eventually left Maui and moved to San Diego and enrolled into Mesa Jr. College earning my degree from San Diego State.  I moved to Orange County and got a job at the Newport Ski Company.  I loved selling the quality sportswear they carried and I found I was really good at it.  My time with this company was educational and memorable.  I enjoyed what I did and the tight bonds I had with my fellow employees.  After three years with Newport Ski Company, I now had the knowledge and confidence needed to go out on my own and become an independent sales rep for various clothing companies.  I had the privilege of selling for companies such as Norfleet Hawaii, Hobie Apparel, Moose Creek, Chums, XOTX, Picante and High Sierra.  I ended up with lots of Samples and needed to figure out how to move them.  I decided to try the Orange County Market Place.  It was very successful!   I made a few calls to some of my now famous friends who manufactured quality clothing and asked if they had any off priced clothing I could buy.  I was then able to pass these discounts onto our customers.  They loved it!  From this came the evolution of Coast Clothing Company.  We have been in business for over 20 years now.  We are a small family owned and operated business.  It is our pleasure to sell at the Orange County Market Place and now online, unique, fun and quality clothing at discounted prices to our customers.